Updated March 27, 2019.  This content is concept only for discussion.  No implementation plan or timeline is pending at this time.

The proposed Excellence Ringette Program will prepare athletes for the environment they can expect within Ringette Canada’s High Performance programs, while being mindful of their stage of development. This includes eventually being prepared to play in the National Ringette League and, for some, to play at the Canada Games for their province and internationally for Canada on the Jr. and Sr. National Teams.

Each athlete’s development plan will take a long-term view and consider goal setting, on-ice and off-ice training, being challenged in competition, progress assessment, tracking, reporting, injury prevention and management, nutrition, sleep and recovery, growth, maturation and more.

Each program will include the support of an Integrated Service Team with sport science and sport medicine specialists.

Entry to this program is not a try out for limited roster spots.  Entry is based on an athlete’s readiness for the training program and creating reasonably similar training groups.

Athletes in this program should anticipate spending considerable time on the ice or in training while younger athletes will still be provided time to remain a multi-sport athlete if that is their choice.

The date when Excellence Ringette Programming is to be introduced hasn’t been determined.


Ringette Today – Why Change?

As part of Ringette Canada’s High Performance Summit, a background document, Current State of High Performance Ringette in Canada was produced. The document’s introduction articulates the state of High Performance Ringette in Canada:

There has been no clear definition of High Performance Ringette in Canada. From one province to the other, from one conversation to the next, the agreement as to ‘who is part of High Performance Ringette in Canada?’ is never reached. Additionally, athletes competing at the same level and part of the same development phase are not being given the same daily training opportunities from one area of the country to the other. How is it that programs built to achieve the same goals have such varying structures and priorities?

Within Alberta, there is little recognition of the link between AA programs at the local level and how they align with the goal of preparing athletes to enter Ringette Canada’s High Performance Programs. In a 2016 survey of AA clubs in Alberta, only one indicated it felt any responsibility to contribute to the success of Ringette Canada’s national teams through athlete development in the years preceding the athlete trying out for a national team program.

Excellence Ringette in the Future

Athletes in Excellence Ringette will be immersed in programs specifically designed to help them achieve a high performance goal.

The delivery of these programs will be curriculum based using the Athlete Development Matrix and the attibutes that the best players in the world possess, as the guide.

The programs will be fully aligned with Ringette Canada’s high performance pathway.

There will be an increased expectation for program operators to be accountable for providing the high quality environment expected.


Excellence Deliverables

Leveraging the Own the Podium framework and fully aligned with Ringette Canada’s high performance plan and curriculum, athletes will be given the support to help them to become the very best player they can be and, for some, to compete for a roster sport in one of Ringette Canada’s High Performance programs.


Excellence Entry Standards

In Excellence Ringette, athletes do not try out for a program with limited spots.

Instead, entry is based on an athlete’s readiness for the training and competition load of an Excellence program.

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Centre of Excellence Operations

Excellence Ringette programming will be delivered by licensed Centres of Excellence to ensure consistency across the province (and nationally when the time comes) and programs are continually operated at the highest standards.

More coming soon