Excellence Program Deliverables

Individualized Athlete Development Plan

While each athlete is a member of a team, and from season to season, there will be team goals, a team is nothing more than a collection of individuals.  Team goals are generally predicated on improving each individual’s performance.

Each athlete will follow their unique, long-term development plan

  • The athlete’s goals will guide the planning process
  • Specific short-term and long-term performance objectives will be established
  • Regular tracking and progress reporting will be available to the athlete

Holistic Approach for a Complete Athlete

The development plan will serve the complete athlete ensuring the right things are done at the right time to optimize the time, effort and financial commitments the athletes and their families make to the program.

  • Technical, Tactical, Strategic
  • Physical Attributes
  • Mental Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Ethics

Professional Support

Each Centre of Excellence is aligned with a team of sport medicine professionals accessed through the Alberta Sport Development Centres to provide professional support with….

  • Regular fitness check-ins and program updates in-season and off-season
  • Nutrition education & planning
  • Access to medical & para-medical professionals aligned with program goals
    • Injury prevention will be the priority (through appropriate off-season and in-season physical preparation, allowances for rest and recovery in-season, etc.)
    • When injuries do occur, treatment and recovery will be managed within the context of the athlete’s long-term development plan.