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Announcements and updates have been made to Children’s Ringette and Excellence Ringette. Click on the respective headings on the navigation bar for updated information.

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It doesn’t matter if you want to play once a week with your friends, participate in a competitive environment, or train to be the best and maybe play in the National Ringette League or on the National Team one day – we have a fit for you and we want you in the game, your game.

We’re excited about the upcoming changes and are looking forward to getting associations’ and participants’ input as to how to implement them! Explore the site for details on the who, what, when and why. This may change based on your feedback as we want to ensure the changes are implemented with as little disruption as possible.


In Children’s Ringette, Active Start, U10 and U12 players will learn the fundamentals of the sport and develop at their own pace in a fun and safe environment.

Active Start and U10 players will play games progressing from cross-ice to half-ice in preparation for U12.

Starting in 2019-20, Active Start will play cross-ice and U10 Step 1 will play half-ice games.

Flex Ringette will be the most flexible option for youth and adults. It allows players to stay in the game, play as part of a team and compete, while only having to commit to one game every 7-10 days and includes the option of two shorter seasons per calendar year. 

Flex Ringette will be phased in starting no later than 2021-22. 

Classic Ringette is the closest to what most ringette has looked like in the past.

This option will require a greater commitment of time and effort than the recreational option, but less than POE.

Classic Ringette will continue for U14-U19 and adults in the 2019/20 season and beyond.

The Pursuit of Excellence Program will prepare athletes for the environment they can expect within Ringette Canada’s High Performance programs, while being mindful of their stage of development.

Athletes in this program should anticipate spending considerable time on the ice or in training. The Pursuit of Excellence program will be introduced to U14 in the 2019-20 season, U16 in 2020-21 and U19 in 2021-22.

Learn to Skate programs are generally targeted at youth and adults who never learned to skate or would like to improve and build confidence in their skating before adding the complexities of ringette.

Associations may also offer learn to skate programs for children or direct them to the highly effective CanSkate program in their area.  Association lead programs should be skating-focused only- no ringette yet.

Intro to Ringette Programs are targeted primarily at youth and adult participants (but can be made available for older children) who can skate but did not begin ringette as early as their peers. 

This program quickly introduces participants to ringette basics so they are confident joining a ringette team after completion.



Have questions?  We have answers. Check out the FAQs for General Information plus details on each of the program options.

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